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My First Christmas in Heaven  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
My First Christmas in Heaven  / Mason's Mommy
My First Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees

around the world below

With tiny lights like Heaven's stairs,

reflecting on the snow.

The sight is so spectacular,

please wipe away the tear

For I am spending Christmas with

Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs

that people hold so dear

But the sounds of music can't compare

with the Christmas choir up here.

I have no words to tell you,

the joy their voices bring,

For it is beyond description,

to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me,

I see the pain inside your heart.

But I am not so far away,

We really aren't apart.

So be happy for me, dear ones,

You know I hold you dear.

And be glad I'm spending Christmas

with Jesus Christ this year.

I sent you each a special gift,

from my heavenly home above,

I sent you each a memory

of my undying love.

After all love is a gift more precious

than pure gold. It was always most important

in the stories Jesus told.

Please love and keep each other,

as my Father said to do.

For I can't count the blessing or love

he has for each of you.

So have a Merry Christmas and

wipe away that tear.

Remember, I am spending Christmas with

Jesus Christ this year.


In our hearts FOREVER  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
In our hearts FOREVER  / Mason's Mommy

"Softly the leaves of memory fall
Gently we gather and treasure them all,
Unseen, unheard you are always near,
So missed, so loved, so very dear.
No longer in our lives so we can share,
But in our hearts you're always there."

Hello my angel...  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
Hello my angel...  / Mason's Mommy
Hello my angel baby...Mommy misses you so very much!  I can't believe you would be 8 months old already.  I wish I could see you grow, I wish I could have had more time with you.  I did get 3 1/2 wonderful months with you and for that I am so very grateful, but I still wish I had more, a lifetime more.  You are in my every thought, action, smile, tear...You are always on my mind, you are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing when I go to bed.  I am constantly wondering what you would be doing right now. I know you are still here, you are still with me, just in a different way.  I know I have to accept that, but right now its really hard to.   I was looking forward to this Christmas and spending this season with my beautiful baby boy, but now I am dreading all of it because I have to spend it without you.  I am not sure if anyone really understands how hard it is living without you. I spent 25 years anticipating you,  a year with you and now I have to spend a lifetime without you.  I know its not my time, but I am looking forward to the day we can be together again.  I love you my dear baby boy and I miss you with all my heart.  Kisses and hugs forever.
Mason will never be forgotton.  / Mercy Nygaard (Friend)  Read >>
Mason will never be forgotton.  / Mercy Nygaard (Friend)

Marv & Britt,

Ben & Noah's dad said it best when he told us, "Mason is happy in heaven, we just have to learn how to deal without him now here on earth." And how can we be expected to go about that? I believe you two are honoring him and are the best parents he could have ever been given. I am so proud of you and we don't get to see you enough but from what we've seen we are proud. We are excited for you two and what God has in store for the both of you. We have two children now and it has made me realize that God has designed us so that in no way could we ever forget each and every child he gives to us. So often when I look at our new girl I see her older sister and remember her as a baby. So worry not that Mason's memory will be lost and cherish what his memory brings to enriching your everyday life and the people that pass through it. Please call us if you ever want to talk about Mason or anything in your lives. We're here:)


Just a year Ago.......  / Stephanie Dalton (Cousin)  Read >>
Just a year Ago.......  / Stephanie Dalton (Cousin)

Britt - It was just a year ago around this time that we were so excitedly planning Mason's shower and Christmas shopping for him.  It was a rainy Friday when you were in town for your testing.  We went to dinner and shopping for Baby Mason.  We stood in line FOREVER with our hands full of stuff for Mason and never seemed to care about the wait in the long line.  We were too busy talking about Mason,  our mom's and Grandma Roberta.  I will never forget the "glow" on your face and the excitement and anticipation over the upcoming arrival of Mason and all your plans for him.  I think of that night often as I saw you in a new light.  You weren't just my "baby cousin", you were a MOTHER.  I was equally excited to have you and Marv with us for Christmas and watching you opening up gifts for Baby Mason.  I so cherish those times....

My heart is with you always and especially during this difficult holiday season.




Missing my Office Mate  / Nani Ward (Office Mate for 9 Months )  Read >>
Missing my Office Mate  / Nani Ward (Office Mate for 9 Months )
My dearest Mason!  I remember the day your mommy told me you were on the way!  She was so excited and a little scared with the unexpected!  As time passed, and it passed so quickly, you grew SO BIG in mommy's tummy!  The anticipation of your arrival was so overwhelming and everyone at work could hardly wait.  I was so privileged to be able to watch you grown healthy and strong every day!  When you were born, you had the most amazing head of read hair!  I remember your smile and all the wonderful and new things you learned ever time I saw you.  It was always a special day when Mason came to visit us at the office and it was especially hard to share you with all the other ladies - I always wanted to hold you the entire time.  A few days before you moved, you were getting so big and still learning SO MUCH.  I noticed that every time your mommy would look at you, she had such adoration and absolute love in her eyes - you would forever be hers!  And that is still true today.  I cried for days when I found out that you had returned to heaven so soon!  But Although you're no with us on earth, I know that you were called to heaven for a purpose.  You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.  Until we meet again... Close
Missing Baby Mason  / Holly Windham (friend)  Read >>
Missing Baby Mason  / Holly Windham (friend)

I never had the privilege to meet you in person sweet baby Mason, but you brought forth such love and joy to your family, even if only for a short time.  You are truly missed.  Britt and Marv, please take comfort in your loving memories of your baby boy and the love you will always have in your hearts.  I love you and am thinking about you!

Miss you so much  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
Miss you so much  / Mason's Mommy

Hello my angel,

I miss you more and more each day.  What I wouldn't give for even just a few more seconds, minutes with you.  What I wouldn't do to hold you, hear your cry, see your smiling face, touch your skin, kiss your sweet face.  I would give anything and everything for those things.  I think about you every second of the day and wonder what you would be doing now, how big you would be getting....You are the most handsome and wonderful baby in the world and I love you more than I could ever describe.  I am trying to be strong and live life like you would want me to, but its so very hard when you aren't here with us.  I hope you know how very much I love you and always will.  Time and distance will never change what you mean to are my love, my first son, my angel and I will forever be grateful to be your mommy.  I love you!

Godspeed my lil man...

Always and Forever,


Grandma's Boy  / LINDA NEU (GRANDMA)  Read >>
Grandma's Boy  / LINDA NEU (GRANDMA)
I remember the day grandpa told me that mommy and daddy were having a baby.  We were in our garage and I literly jumped in the air because I was so happy.  I knew then that you would be special.  I counted the months, weeks, and days for your arrival.  It seemed like an eternity.  The day finally came and daddy called us early in the morning on April 6th to let us know about his beautifull baby boy.  I couldn't wait to get those first pictures to see how handsome you were.  When they finally came I laughed out loud because you looked so much like daddy.  I showed everyone your pictures I was so proud of you.  I put my favorite picture of you as my screen saver at work and everynight before I shut I my computer I would blow you a kiss and say "Grandma Loves You Mason"  Then the wait until we could get on an airplane to fly to SanDiego to see you in person.  It seemed like forever but the day finally came.  We got to SanDiego and I could put you in my arms and gave you all those kisses and hugs that I dreamed about.  Mommy let me hold you and feed you as much as I wanted which was a lot.  You took lots of naps when grandma was holding you and there was a few times grandma napped also.  The time went so fast and then I had to say goodbye.  My heart was breaking I didn't want to leave.  Mommy sent me lots of pictures so I could see what a big boy your were.  I never thought I would have to say my final goodbyes.  My heart breaks everyday.  I miss you so much.  You will be forever in my heart and will always be grandma's little boy.  I am truely the lucky one to have had such a special grandson even if it was for such a short time.  XOXOXOXO Close
To Mason's Mommy and Daddy  / Mary Lou &. Paul Tortorete   Read >>
To Mason's Mommy and Daddy  / Mary Lou &. Paul Tortorete
Your precious angel is now with our dear Lord. This makes us sad that he is not with you...but he is playing with other sweet angels. May HE keep you safe in the palm of HIS hands..... Close
deepest condolences  / Dolly &. Tom Galioto (dearest friends )  Read >>
deepest condolences  / Dolly &. Tom Galioto (dearest friends )
what a true blessing the Lord saw fit to give you in Mason, even if it was for such a short time.  You must have solace in knowing that he is home with his true Father.  We are sad that we never got to see Little Mason and pray for you and your family and hopefully we will get to see your next little blessing.  God Bless you all. Close
Little Mr. Mason  / Andrea Dix   Read >>
Little Mr. Mason  / Andrea Dix
I was very privileged to have held and met Little Mr. Mason.  He was a beautiful baby with a head full of hair.  He was the first baby I had ever held and I was lucky enough to hold him on the day he was born.  He will be missed for he brought so much joy into our worlds. He will always be in my thoughts. Close
Missing our boys  / Dawn(mom To Angel Brandon Perra-Kreuser) (Mother of an angel )  Read >>
Missing our boys  / Dawn(mom To Angel Brandon Perra-Kreuser) (Mother of an angel )
My heart goes out to your family. I cried as i read the beauitiful story of Mason's life and his wonderful family. We have to remember that God only takes a child when he needs a new angel and he only takes the best. He will hold our boys in his arms until we are there to do that once again. They will always hold that place in our hearts. Close
Angel Bear  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (4/10/73 - 4/6/08 )  Read >>
Angel Bear  / Lorraine Mom To Angel Kelli (4/10/73 - 4/6/08 )

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy

so sorry  / Passing By....   Read >>
so sorry  / Passing By....
Thank you for sharing Mason's story.  He is a beautiful little guy and I hope that you will find some peace soon with his sweet memories.  Please know that you are not alone and that people are praying for you! Close
My love  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
My love  / Mason's Mommy

My sweet angel ~

Mason I miss you sooooo much!  I look at all your pictures and I can't help but feel so incredibly sad, you are so beautiful and I just can't believe you are no longer here with us. I know you will always be here in spirit and will always be in my heart, but that's not good enough.  I want to be able to see you, hear you, feel you, smell you...I want to see you grow up and do all the things little boys do.  It just breaks my heart that it will never happen.  You have my heart and always will, a piece of me went with you and its yours forever and always.  I love you my precious lil man, I loved you from the minute I knew you were mine...Please help me be strong, I am having such a hard time living without you!  I look forwad to falling asleep every night with the hope you will visit me in my dreams. 

Love Forever and Always,


Auntie's Angel in Heaven  / Annina Trasport (Auntie)  Read >>
Auntie's Angel in Heaven  / Annina Trasport (Auntie)

Hey Auntie's Angel,

I think I was the first person in the family that your mommy told besides your daddy that she was having you.  She told me on her trip out to South Carolina while she was visiting us for the summer of 07. I was so excited for her and your daddy.But that had to be the longest trip up North that I ever had. I couldn't tell anyone cause mommy wasn't ready to tell Grandnaw, Poppa or Uncle Chase that she was pregnant with you. But before she left she ended up telling them and they were all shocked but excited at  the same time. I couldn't wait until you were born so your mommy an daddy could share in the fun and exciting experiences that I did and still are with your cousin Nick.

On April 6th,2008 @ 4:06am in San Diego, CA. I got an exciting phone call saying that I was an auntie to a healthy baby boy named Mason Robert Neu. I was so excited for your mommy and daddy. I couldn't wait to see you and hold you in my arms. I was able to come out to California with your proud cousin Nick. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with you. When your mommy told me that you were coming to South Carolina in August to visit I was so excited but for some reason God had a better plan for you and took you away from us on July 21st 2008 in Sauk Rapids, MN of SIDS.. That had to be the worst day of our families life. I will always remember that phone call from Grandnaw telling me that you were gone. I didn't want to believe her. I was like what do you mean he is gone. Mom what do you mean Mason is gone. She told me yes God took him to heaven. I screamed no no no, I couldn't believe it. I was in soo much pain and felt horrible for your mommy and daddy cause I know how excited they were to have you in there life.

 Youreally made a huge impact on our family for the short 3 1/2 months that you were here with us. I wish that I would have gotten to spend more time with you but I am glad that I was able to be out in California after you were born. I was such a proud aunt and I still am. I hope you are having a great time up in heaven with you great grandparents & great aunt Phyllis. I know that they are taking good care of you. I just wish that you were still here on earth with us and I wouldn't have to be writing this letter. I will never understand why he had to take you away from your mommy and daddy and the rest of the family. YOu will always be my first nephew and I will always hold a special place in my heart. I don't want to say good bye but I will say I will see you in heaven soon. Take care Baby Mason and take care of you mommy and daddy they need it.

Love, Auntie Annina

My Little Mason Jar  / Sandee Trasport (Grandnaw)  Read >>
My Little Mason Jar  / Sandee Trasport (Grandnaw)
My Special Little Mason Jar, it been 3 months since my precious little mason went to be with the Lord.  The memory of your oh so precious face and loving spirit still remain in my heart..Grandnaw will always be blessed to have you as her precious mason nothing will ever be the same...your passing left a huge hole in my heart..I miss you and love you forever.  Naw.. Close
My "Forever" Cousin  / Stephanie Dalton (Cousin)  Read >>
My "Forever" Cousin  / Stephanie Dalton (Cousin)

Dearest Mason -

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you, your mommy and daddy!  We think about how our lives would be so much better with you here.  Please know we will ALWAYS remember you.  You and your cuzzy Dylan share birthdays and as Dylan so eloquently said, "Mason will always be my cousin, even though he is in Heaven and not on the ground, he is my forever cousin".  Please continue to shine your Heavenly light upon us and continue to watch over us, especially your mommy and daddy, until we see you in Heaven.

Love & Light,

Cousins Stephanie, Dylan & Brian

Miss you  / Mason's Mommy   Read >>
Miss you  / Mason's Mommy

Tomorrow, will be 3 months since you went to heaven. I miss you more and more each day. Some days this all seems so unreal, I am having a really hard time accepting that you are truly gone. I know you are our sweet baby angel looking over us and thats what keeps me going, but its still so very hard to live without you here. I love you Mason, I love you more than words can express, my beautiful baby, my son I hope you know how much mommy misses you! I would do anything to hold you one more time, kiss you, hug you, smell your sweet smell. I thank you for the 3 1/2 months you were here, you were my baby, they were the best of my life and I will cherish those moments forever. Until we meet again, my sweet angel.....
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